Welcome! I am Marianne. It is my passion to inspire and help people to find their way in the high energy plant based kitchen. Life force food, awareness around food and what it does to your body, mind and spirit.

With a background in the different kitchens and sources, I offer a combination of perspectives and techniques. I work with the concepts of Ayurvedic nutrition and also use raw food techniques to get to a balance that suits every person in the different seasons of the year.

I give workshops, provide catering for private events, yoga retreats and trainings. I prepare detox protocols, both Raw and Ayurvedic. I also work with people individually to support their health process. This is a combination of consults, yoga, food advice & recipes.

My personal journey

When my children were younger, I travelled  from Amsterdam to Utrecht 3 days a week. I had this wish to give up my job at the development organisation, where I actually worked with lots of enthusiasm, to do a yoga teacher training and start a sewing workshop. In the years that we lived abroad as a family I was lucky enough to go for that dream!

There was space for creativity again and the Yoga Teacher Training helped me to gain more body awareness. I took the time to figure out how to heal myself from years of stomach pain.  It seemed that I was paying the price for lots of medication in my teenage years and the amoebic dysenteria when living in Egypt and Yemen.  I visited many doctors and health specialists but it did not really bring me much. It took me years and lots of experimenting to find ways to support myself.

As a surprise it was raw food that brought release, a result of a long journey trying out different food to treat my sensitive digestive system. With the raw food, in combination with warming spices and some lightly cooked grounded food, I managed to deeply clean my system. It made me feel light in lots of different ways. It felt like coming out of a depression; physically, mentally and emotionally. I was so intrigued by the power of these techniques that I decided to learn the art of Raw Food. This brought me to Bali where I met Elaina Love (from the Pure Joy Academy) and where I came back a year later to assist her in the next Raw Food Chef training. Here I learned the skills of  soaking, sprouting, fermenting, juicing, dehydrating, knowledge and use of superfoods, detox protocols etc.

ubud course

Coming back to Europe and experiencing the difference seasons, I got interested to gain more knowledge and experience in the Ayurvedic wisdom. The Ayurvedic Nutrition training of Coen van der Kroon (Delight Yoga Amsterdam) gave me new insights and understanding to be able to put things together in a more grounded way, with a focus on building up the body after a period of cleansing. It gives so many tools to create a food rhythm based on your unique body type, the disbalance we all experience in your daily life and the seasons of the year. Ayurveda is a science on itself and you will need a whole life to understand all the aspects. The beauty is that you can start with the basics on how to take care of your digestive fire to be able to strengthen the absorption of nutrients and how to clean your system from toxic substances coming from food, the environment and stress etc. Simple daily practices to stay juicy & healthy.

Kundalini Yoga

I discovered kundalini yoga after a long journey of many years of different types of yoga. Initially I did the Vinyasa Teacher Training (with the great teacher David Kim from YogaWorks) which gives me a solid base in posture and alignment. Years later I dove deep deep into kundalini yoga and found out that it is really speaking to me since it taps straight into the deeper layers of awareness and emotions. There were some life events, such as a traumatic car accident, that give me the ultimate chance to practise to move from  darkness to light.  A long process of finding strength in being vulnerable. In my classes I invite you to go inwards and listen to your own knowledge & wisdom.  Light, sincere and powerful classes that are uplifting, calming and peaceful. Classes are open to all levels.


IMG_5601-001In the end of 2015  I came back to Amsterdam after 5 years living in the Philippines with my family. The Philippines stole my heart. It were beautiful tropical years with fresh coconuts from the garden every day! It was wonderful to be able to work on social and creative projects. With my love for textile, I opened a sewing workshop, designed and made bags of tradionally woven fabrics from the North of the Philippines (www.ipilcollection.com). I gave internship guidance to Dutch students in the rural area and worked with women groups in developing income generating projects. The years after, my focus shifted more to food and this is how Kokokitchen started.

Coconut products & Cookbook

coconut trees

With my background in Anthropologist and the work that I have been doing over the years, I am interested in supporting local initiatives. I am working on a partnership with coconut farmers who are producing high quality organic and fair trade products. Coconut, the ‘tree of life’. I am looking at ways to market a couple of specific products (such as coconut blossom nectar and amino) in the Netherlands in a sustainable way.

Further, I am working on a cookbook. A book about my Asian inspiration, the love for travelling and beautiful, colourful food. With personal stories, ins and outs about coconuts and other ingredients and many recipes for nice and easy dishes.