This is how it all started years ago…..


One evening in our garden in Manila, my friends Anna & Maripa asked me if I could start a lunch delivery for friends in the community. After receiving my Raw Food Chef Certificate in Bali the year before, I felt inspired to share the joy of healthy food. So next day I sent out an Evite and the week after I started preparing lunches and juices twice a week. I loved it! It was such a wonderful way to share the love for this food and have people experience it. So from here the KOKO BENTO Lunch service developed and many other catering projects.

Food that is a plantbased with the use of raw food techniques with ayurvedic elements, low glycemic (which means without any refined sugars), gluten free & organic. Food that keeps you awake and energized for the rest of the day.

Now, back in Amsterdam. KOKOKITCHEN offers catering  for events/ retreats, workshops, detox protocols & support and (yoga) health coaching. Feel free to get in touch with me for options and further details.