Personal support

Sometimes it is more easy to make changes with some extra help. I work with people individually to support them in their process. This is often a combination of consults, yoga exercises and support in food habits. I am here for you, to listen and help you clarify what are your challenges and what could be helpful to improve your health and well being.

With a background in holistic health (both from the Raw Food perspective as the Ayurvedic tradition) and a background in yoga & coaching, I am inspired to bring together the knowledge about food and the experience of the body. With a personal intake, tests, cleansing and detox protocols, recipes, cooking instructions/ classes, prepared food and products and a (yoga) exercise/ programme. Designed on what you need at the moment.

One of the things I enjoy so much is to inspire people in how you can nourish yourself so you feel well. With food that is tasty and that leaves you satisfied. With conversations and yoga that will help you in your journey, to feel light and content.

Digestion & Energy

A healthy digestive system is key in maintaining good energy levels. Do you experience low energy? Do you have digestive issues, especially in periods of stress? Feeling tired, bloated after eating, constipated, having cramps? So many people are struggling with digestive issues. Often it is not serious enough to really be bothered but still…it can take a lot of your energy.

Or maybe you don’t experience any of these specific issues but you do have a general feeling of exhaustion without really knowing what is the cause, or being aware of what food could help to regain energy.

Holistic approach


In the last 20 years years I have  I have gained lots of understanding and insights of different perspectives. I have discovered the benefits of raw food plant based food techniques. I learned about Ayurvedic Food Nutrition, Macrobiotic Cooking and Tradional Chinese Medicine. It is the combination of these different ways that can be so supportive in finding your unique balance.

Dosha test


Finding out your personal constitution is a good starting point. Depending on your constitution, you can see what helps to support your system. From the Ayurvedic perspective, you will be in good health when there is a balance between the life energies, called Dosha’s. A dosha is a combination of the five elements (water, earth, fire, ether and air). The three type of dosha’s are:

  • Vata (elements ether and air)
  • Pitta (elements fire)
  • Kapha (elements earth and water)

You can imagine that when you are a person that feels cold pretty easy, you may benefit from different food than a very warm blooded and fiery person. You can do a dosha test to get a general idea of your constitution. This is just a starting point. When we meet we can go through more questions and fields of your health and food patterns to get a  better understanding of the overall picture; of your body type and possible disbalances at the moment. And about your goals and wishes. Based on that we can make a plan to adapt your lifestyle and food habits so you can work towards a new balance and more energy.

Warm healthy greetings