A room with a view

Enjoying a day at home after coming back from Ibiza and before starting a full week of work in Sage Cafe and a catering over the weekend. A little bit of time to reflect on a beautiful week of preparing food for the retreat. It is sunny outside today and I just opened the front door the let the warmth of the sun come in. I hear the flies flying around, the sound of summer, as if I am still in the garden of the house near St Gertrudes.

A room with a view. The kitchen room with sprouts growing in the glass pot in the light, the view of the patio with the wild mint growing and the trees and fields behind it. A great place to work, to get inspired by the quietness and the warm sun outside. A place where I can take the time and give my attention and love in preparing food for the group of people, to support them in the process of opening up to new horizons. I know how it can feel, how the way you eat can help in digesting things. The food itself and also the way you look at life or the way you feel things. How it can open doors and create space. It is not just food. It is the combination of becoming quiet, trusting the unknown, taking the jump, letting go of layers that were once helpful but maybe no longer. By trusting the process you can open doors that were closed before, discover parts of yourself that were not in the light yet. Step by step, door by door, in your own pace, whatever is possible in theĀ  moment.

Waking up early for the Sadhana. Reading the ‘Japji’, the song of the soul, doing a different set of yoga kriya’s every day and singing mantra’s. What a beautiful way to start the day. In the yurt in the back garden next to the lemon tree.

I love playing in the kitchen. Working with all the great ingredients I feel the life energy and creativity through my hands. I can be in such a zone of pleasure and comfort. I love sharing my learning and experiences about holistic health with the group of people, to surprise them with attractive plant based food and let them experience how it feels. Breaking a pattern of cravings such as sugar, coffee, certain food, alcohol etc. It is beautiful to see how great it worked for people, how they started to feel more light and healthy. How they already could feel the difference in a couple of days. I wish to inspire people to really take it with them and start integrating it in their rhythm back home.

I enjoyed the space and light, the walks in nature, the day that we were all quite, the sharing in the group, the vulnerability of people coming out, the laughter and the liveliness that comes with new perspectives. Feeling grateful for this week and looking forward to go back.

Together with Jacqueline & Siridharma Singh, we are now making plans for the next retreats in July and October. A week to unwind and reflect, to let go of survival strategies, to connect with yourself on a deeper level, the interconnection with other people and things around you. With yoga, meditation, visualisation, walks, an understanding of holistic health and hands-on food preparation workshops. Looking forward to all of this!

Sending you healthy wishes and lots of love, the thing that is bringing us all together:)

Sat Nam (meaning truth is my identity)