Wasn’t it beautiful, the photos of the enormous moon going around the world? Unfortuntately, the moon wasn’t visible here because of all the clouds. Though the focus and reading about it and the supermoon yoga lesson I did that night, I could feel the impact of that special night. I was grateful to see a photo of Palawan the next day, one of my favorite and magic places in the Philippines. Through this event and the communication about it, we create bridges between different places in the world. We become more aware that we are all interconnected. In the end….we are all seeing the same moon:)



‘We are not as near each other as we would like to imagine. Words create bridges between us. Without them we would be lost islands. Affection, recognition and understanding travel across these fragile bridges and enable us to discover each other and awaken friendship and intimacy. Words are never just words. The range and depth of a person’s soul is inevitably revealed in the quality of the words used. When chosen with reverence and care, words not only describe what they say but also suggest what can never be said’.

John O’Donohue
Excerpt from BEAUTY

Rock Wall / Co. Clare – October 2016
Photo: © Ann Cahill