Cleansing week

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What a difference…it feels so good! Light, sharp, rested, more clear, joyful, a new beginning. Enjoyed a week of cleansing with different kind of juices (green, apple, hibiscus flower) with just a little bit of soup and salads as a preparation for a liver- and gallbladder cleanse. A great treatment for your body to get rid of toxins and re energize your body, mind and spirit. It just requires motivation and a bit of discipline. That is all. Are you interested to experience? Please let me know. I am there to support you.

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Every time i do this cleanse i find it amazing to experience the change in taste and smell buds. This morning I ate some papaya with a bit of lemon juice and cucumber. A simple salad with fresh herbs later in the afternoon. It all tastes so good!

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I just visited the Marocan store near my house and noticed he is selling more organic fruits and vegetables! Great to see that more and more people are appreciating real food & real tastes. Grateful for all these beautiful ingredients that are available to make simple and nice plant based dishes.

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