Found a beautiful place to be the rest of the day, a great and relatively quiet patio at the Institute d’Estudis Catalans at the Carrer del Carme. With trees, small tables and chairs where people come to sit. And very convenient since it is near to the square where Luka is skate boarding, for hours and hours. It is amazing to see how he can be in the heat for so long. I assume it has to do with passion. When you are passionate about something, it brings this flow of losing time. I love that, it is such a good place to be.

After spending some hours in green this morning, i don’t feel attracted to the heat of the city again today. I love Barcelona and we are staying with a friend in a cosy little appartment in the middle of town in a street with 24hrs of life and noise.

I love the charm, the lifeliness, (street) culture, young people, the playing of classical music near the cathedral, the connection to the sea and i was happy to visit the Picasso museum this time. I am discovering small green parks or squares to have a break for a rest or a picknick. Sometimes i bring my food or we find nice vegan places to try out:)

But it can be so busy with people. Slowly slowly i start to see what does me well and what not. I can see i need to listen more to what my body tells me and spend more time in nature. In the green. To find quieteness, a peace of mind, air to breath, time to wonder. The thing i wished to do most today is to find a chair in the shade. And it is here. I have my book, my study materials and i found this beautiful poem from Matio Benedetti, a poet my friend recommended. No te rinds, about following our dreams, soul and love. Wish i could read it in Spanish.