Ibiza summer






Thankful for another beautiful retreat in Ibiza, together with Jacqueline Evers, Siridharma Singh and a wonderful group of people. Thankful for preparing the food and sharing the love for the plant based life. So beautiful to see how people already feel different after a couple of days, eating this high energy life force food and leaving out the coffee, meat, coffee etc.






For sleeping in the tipi tent in the garden and waking up in the early morning looking over the fields and in the smell of oranges.

For the morning sadhana’s and the kundalini yoga intensives with the gong in the yurt in the garden, under the lemon tree.


For being surrounded by nature, the fruits and herbs in the garden and the vegetables next door.





For the hours preparing food in the kitchen with the sprouts growing in front of the window and the music on.

For people helping out with cutting veggies and doing the dishes and all the nice conversations we had around the kitchen window.

For the day of silence.

For the very special morning, reading a beautiful English translation of the Japji, the ‘Song of the Soul’ at Es Vedra overlooking the ocean. The breakfast there together and the relaxing boot trip the rest of the day.

For meeting each other, for spending time together, for all the sharing, the bonding, the vulnerabilty and the laughter.

Looking so much forward to come back in October.