Kundalini Yoga Coaching and how it can support your health

Since June I am a certified yogacoach! I participated in an International training Kundalini Yoga Coaching given by Jasper Kok/ Guru Gian (www.gurugian.nl). It brings the things together  that I have been doing the last years and supports the growth that is happening.

kundalini training4

I do have experience with both coaching and yoga. I have done my Yoga Teacher Training some years ago and, with my background in Education and my work for NGOs, I did coach students and professionals during their traineeship and work abroad. To bring yoga and coaching together is a beautiful proces. It gives depth and focus in the yoga practise and it brings something new in the art of coaching. I notice it works for myself and in supporting people around me.

This training is a  90 days process with two weeks of intensive training in the dunes in Schoorl (first and last week), together with a beautiful group of people. The weeks in between are for self practise, carrying out assignments and study of all the new materials.

kundalini training5

It has been weeks and weeks of waking up before sun rise to do Sadhana (yoga, meditation and singing of mantra’s), listen to lectures about theory, yoga and coaching skills, practising coaching session, study and sharing experiences and learning within our group. I have learned about the principles of both coaching and kundalini yoga and how these two can really work together in finding your own answers and move through blocks, whatever they may be.

kundalini training6

Kundalini yoga helps me enormously in the awareness of blocks and finding ways to let go, to move through emotions, pain, sadness. The physical aspect of the yoga exercises and the moving of energy is very beneficial.  The combination of coaching, asking the right questions and reflecting, gives new insights and ways to move forward. Sometimes babysteps….but still….as long as you keep moving. For myself the 90 days brought me closer to myself and gave me inspiration, strength and trust.

kundalini training2

I feel I can support people even better now in finding their goals around health and well being in stead of just giving advise. To find your own strength and life force. Based on my own experience I notice that emotions play such an important role in everything around food. What you eat, the way you eat, how you feel, the way your digestion functions or disfunctions. Using this more holistic approach (and the very practical skills in moving you through the process) can help you to find the keys towards real change and improvement. It will tell you how you can best take care of yourself. By finding out what is important for you and what are the things that hinders you to feel well, you gain such an insight and knowledge how on how to move forward. It will be more easy to make decisions about what is the best food for you and how to organise yourself around that. No need to follow rigid diets. With this process it happens on a deeper level which makes it more easy to commit, simply because you feel better. It is a beautiful process of transformation and integration that I wish everybody to experience and that I am happy to support.


(meaning ‘truth is my name’)