These past days have been so beautiful. Beautiful in its simplicity, in being able to surrender more to the moment and leave all the rest for later. It sounds so easy and I think there were times that it was actually pretty easy. Now in a way it feels like a new experience. New in the sense that i notice things differently and in the very same time…i am aware that it is part of me for so long already.  Is it the fact that I have been away from the seasons for the last 5 years, that I am rediscovering the change of colors, weather, temperature and the effect it has on me. Is it my own personal transformation that makes that I am noticing the subtle diffferences more intense, experiencing the lightness after the dark? I have always loved the light and colors of the late summer, the sunlight on the delicate flowers, the change of the air, the freshness of automn arriving with its different light and energy, the newly harvested sour apples, beets, pumpkin, juicy ginger. Warm and calming colors can bring so much joy and comfort and helps me to simplify.


It feels good, to be nourished by all this beauty. It makes me feel awake, being part of it all. I also get inspired by all this great pure ingredients. Preparing my hearty nourishing breakfast becomes something I am looking forward to. Soaked and cooked quinoa with a hemp-pumpkin seed milk blended with fresh ginger & turmeric and lots of warming spices. Cooked lightly with (dried & fresh) fruits and buckwheat crunches on top. For me this warm bowl is one of the best breakfasts to start my day.

A perfect breakfast for my vata constitution since it brings warmth and makes me grounded. I feel I can tap into the creative energy without losing it too quickly. Learning about your ayurvedic constitution (just google dosha test) can bring so much insights of what works for you specifically  and will make you find new ways in taking care of yourself.

Though this breakfast….I think everybody will enjoy!:)