It was another beautiful retreat week in Ibiza. Every time it feels so good to be able to dive into this week. To hold a safe space for the group of people, together with Jacqueline. Through our intention, focus, attention, love & intuition. And yes, through preparing food as well. Nourishment for ourselves as a whole, with what the body and mind tell us. And nourishment for all the other layers, sometimes known to us and sometimes not or not yet. The unconscious knowing that is longing to be seen as well.

The activities we do in the week help to dive into this process. The song of the soul in the early morning in the yurt in the garden, the kundalini yoga exercises, the singing of the mantra’s, meditation and tools from hypno therapy to connect to the subconscious. The time in nature, walks in the woods, the day in silence, the intensive & gong session of Siridharma, the fire at night, yoga near the sea. All these things enable us to connect to our body, to find out what is inside of us and to feel what is going on. To find ourselves on another level, to dare to explore parts where there is maybe fear and vulnerability, pain, anger or sadness. From there, slowly slowly, finding strength, courage, trust and ways to liberate ourselves.

Whatever step it is that you are seeking to take. It can be tough sometimes. With all the layers of protection, distractions, fear, insecurity, responsibility, earthy practical matters. So many things that can keep us  away from where we wish to truthfully connect to ourselves. When you feel nourished, new doors will open and things can unfold itself. One step at a time.

Food is part of that nourishment. Food can help to peel off the layers, to simply be able to feel more. Clean healthy light soulful food that is fresh, organic and prepared with a lot of attention and love. Food that gives life force. With techniques that bring variation and taste. Lots of vegetables, combined with grounding elements and different herbs and spices.

It is so beautiful to see what happens with people after the initial blockages. Much to discover and a growing clarity. If there is more peace inside there is less need to seek outside, in filling ourselves with food that put layers on our feelings and emotions, in finding distractions, in living outside the moment. I can feel that in myself. That slowly, despite all the not knowing, I can have those beautiful moments to simply live in where I am in that time and space. It makes me humble and strong in the same time. It brings trust that things will unfold itself. I am so fulfilled when i see people in the group experiencing the difference, already after a couple of days. That they start to feel better, more light. That they have no desire in things like snacks, soft drinks, chocolate. It is these experiences that bring us body wisdom, to know what is good for us and what is not. Not from reading it in a book but simply by going through it and feel what it does and how great it feels.

The same for the early morning practise. I have been busy lately and did not free enough time for my morning yoga. I feel so much better when I start my day this way. More connected to myself, to the lightness and calmness inside. This week also showed  me that I can trust more and more on my intuition. In connecting, in knowing what is going on and in being there for people. Sometimes I miss the language, to be able to communicate what is there. This needs time to grow and integrate. And in other moments, words are not needed. The sharing is enough for us to know that we are not alone.

I feel grateful that I can do this work. Sometimes long days and lots of preparation. But so much to give and so fulfilled and happy.

With new inspiration I started a 40 days of the Nabhi Kriya yoga set this morning. A wonderful set to strengthen the navel point and balance the third chakra, for power & balance. So waking up early again, dry brushing & a cold shower, almond oil and yoga. It requires some discipline & committent but it is worth it. I invite everybody to join:) No experience with yoga needed. For more information and instructions see For a great mantra & music to join with the set, you can search for Jaap Sahib from Sat Nirmal Kaur Khalsa.

Sending lots of warm wishes, light & peace,