Silence and Spring

Making food for a silence retreat, joining Jacqueline Evers from kundaliniyogatgooi. A different experience than my earlier events that were also yoga and meditation related. Never before with this silence. It is special to work in silence and just focus on the preparation of the food. A great location, on the first floor on a farm in Schiermonnikoog, overlooking the fields. It brings a certain flow were things become more easy, as if it goes by itself. A one-pointed focus that brings calmness.

It was also special for the partipants. We were eating in silence and people were not really sure about what they were eating:) I was wondering, should I leave a note so they are aware of what it is. It wasn’t necessary. Although many of them were new to raw & vegan food, they were going through the experience of eating with lots of awareness. I could see them discovering something new and could see they were surprised and happy. Food so full of nutritions, colors, real tastes. If you can take the time and focus for it, which is great during a weekend like this, you will feel how well it does you. It was a joy to receive their feedback in the end of the weekend, when we talking again, on how much they enjoyed the food. In other retreats and workshops I do love the opportunity to share my passion for plant based cuisine so that is the limitation in a weekend like this. Though I see that the food tells the story:). And there are lots of other opportunities were people can participate and learn from workshops.

So yeeh, I was happy! And happy I still had a little bit of time to walk over the island, swim in the cold sea, walk back barefoot and enjoy the full moon at night. An intens and fullfilling weekend:) Hard work as well since Schiermonnikoog does not allow cars from the mainland, we were carrying everything on the boat. But is was worth it and we will come back!

The Spring started there a little bit, with that very refreshing jump into the sea. I have been anticipating on the start of Spring. I could tell that my system has been looking for signs of Spring for the last month or so. I often felt cold, in need of sun shine and sometimes I could not warm myself enough. Longing for something from the outside to keep me warm and going. Some days were better, when I manage to heat my inner stove and spirit…..when I can let go of things that I am struggling with, whatever it is. My daily yoga practise and the nutritious food is helping enormously, a base to build on.

The actual second day of Spring I suddenly noticed Spring in the air. The very special light, the feel in the air, the crispness of the new light green leaves, the sun, the trees with their blossoming flowers. It made me so happy, brings hope and new energy, the essence of life. Strangely enough it also brings some type of nostalgia, feeling homesick to other places and times, not really sure what it is. I just let it be and respect that it is also part of how it is at the moment. Anyway, this beginning of Spring is for the me the perfect time to do a cleanse. I have been thinking and preparing myself for that mentally and a couple of days ago it was just the right moment, simply because of the sun light.¬†A break, a reset from the rythme and routine of food, even when that routine is a healthy one. I wish not to be depended on coffee for example. I am fine with drinking coffee but when I feel I am stuck to it, it becomes a dependence that I don’t really enjoy. Same with chocolate, even if it is pure and without sugars. I noticed how stuck I can be in eating things because my system is so used to it, because something is telling me I need it. For what? To fill something…to just keep myself happy. I like to experience freedom, to make my choices from a place of pure freedom. This cleanse is just perfect for that. 14 days of going back to pure simple plant based food and the week in the middle just liquids. I am half way now and feeling light and peaceful. It requires some determination, patience and focus. And a bit of time to allow the process to work for you, to let things come to the surface (discomfort, sadness, doubt, bursts of energy and inspiration, clarity) and be compassionate to yourself. Than it is all fine.

In my next blog I will write some more about the cleansing process and the great and liberating effects it can have. For now, wishing you a beautiful and peaceful start of Spring.