I prepared this beautiful raw/ life force lunch today, a sprouted lentil salad. It is a recipe of my friend Asha Peri. Very simple and so good! Chopped and steamed red beets on a bed of romain lettuce with sprouted and steamed lentils. It comes with an Italian vinaigrette and some home made ricotta ‘cheese’, made of nuts (together with miso, lemon juice, nutritional yeast and some herbs and spices).


I love the simplicity of sprouting and i am experimenting a lot with it these days. So easy. Just get good good quality seeds or whatever you like to sprout, put them in a large mason jar, let it soak and after…put it up side down on the drying reck. It needs to be rinsed couple of times a day. These lentils took around 4 days to get these beautiful long tails.


I just love the whole process. It also feels good, in the cold days of winter, to bring in spring and new life into the kitchen. Sprouted seeds, grains, legumes have so many health benefits. Among many, it increases the enzymes enormously to help you absorb the nutrients of the food you eat.
I steamed them to make sure to kill any bacteria that may have grown during the sprouting process. I also enjoy the taste of steamed sprouts, especially lentils and mung beans.
Found this website with a lot of additional info and tips.