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For now available: 2 flavors of parfaits. Warming fruity & Chocolate Feast❤️. All great food & flavors in one pot!

Warming fruity: A layer of freshly made nut milk/ chia porridge with hemp rice protein, fruits (banana, pear and lightly cooked winter apples with raisins and cinnamon), pumpkin puree, a ginger nut cream with coconut oil and a granola/ goji berry topping.

foto parfaitfoto parfait2


Chocolate Feast: A layer of nutmilk/chocolate chia porridge, banana-mango-pear, almond coco orange caramel cream, pure chocolate cream (with the raw chocolate powder and butter i brought back from the Big Tree Farm in Bali) and a strawberry granola with sprouted/dehydrated buckwheat.
All refined sugar & lactose free but so wonderfully sweet. You can store in the freezer and just take out the evening before. This makes it an easy and super nutritious breakfast or snack.

photo chocolate parfait

photo chocolate parfait2

Low glycemic (no refined sugar), dairy free.
You can store in the freezer and just take out the evening before. This makes it an easy super nutritious breakfast or snack.
3,80 Euro (excl 1 Euro deposit for the glass pot)
Please order in advance.

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