The true source

My heart fills with joy and love when reading today’s post  of John O’Donohue on FB. I follow his posts and they are always so meaningful. The words inspire me in finding and living my path..inspire me in finding love in everything i do……to surrender to the moment with all the trust i have…. to being open for the unknown… find beauty and light ….to create….and trust in the universe that it will always bring us what we need.



Many of the most luminous gifts of our lives arrive as complete surprises. A gift is the most beautiful of intrusions. It arrives undeserved and unexpected. It comes ashore in our hearts carefully formed to fit exactly the shape of a hunger we might not even know we had. The gift comes with no price tag, no demand that puts us under an obligation. Every gift has an inner lamp that casts a new brightness over an undiscovered field of the heart. In this light we discover and bring to birth something new within us. Regardless of how carefully we examine the path of its arrival, the eyes of our mind can never unveil the true source of the gift. The gift keeps its reason secret. Some unexpected path opened in the interim world and the gift was already on its way towards us.

John O’Donohue
Excerpt from BEAUTY