Time & space

Playing with colors and food. I enjoy this grounding activity and especially when it brings these wonderful colors. The patterns on each root, appearing after cleaning, cutting and spiralizing them.  After, mixing the different shades and using it to make fresh nutritious dishes such as raw pad thay.
For me personally, taking into account my vata constitution, i prefer to eat root vegetables steamed and add some nice warming spices. It brings more grounding and balance. Though on a warm and sunny day i enjoy a raw pad thay with an Asian ginger dressing as well. It is the variation and listening to what the body needs.

I am listening to the music of HARC, a beautiful mix of different influences and improvisation. Sacred transforming music that makes me forget time and space.

Out of time and space. Not from a tendency to escape reality but from a sense of freedom. To create that extra space to experience new perspectives, to give room to creativity and flexibility. It is like that little moment after each breath, in the end of breathing in and in the end of breathing out. There is that extra moment, of silence, of extra space. It is not spacy or airy. It is very grounded in the moment. And in the same time it brings the extra space to go beyond. To realize, to release, to grow and to look in to whatever is showing up.

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These days I listen a lot to the song ‘Open my heart’, especially after doing my morning kundalini practise. A beautiful song to listen to just laying down and relaxing after the work that has been done. It is a good reminder, every day, to stay close to myself and not hide behind all the fences that I have been building over the years. I am still learning. When doing my yoga practise and opening up blocks, I can feel the depth of what is going around. The learning, the space, the discoveries, the transformation, the knowing, the longing and all that is still to open up and to surrender to. All in its own time and space.

More awareness about the profound difference of being in the mind or in the body. Now I can see this can happen on so many different levels. Slowly slowly I learn what it really means to be in my own body. And what it means to disappear in the mind and not fully feel the physical body and feel grounded in the here and the now. There is so much refines in there, so much to discover and learn. And i believe one can only do that by taking time and allow the process of awareness to happen. So there is time to adapt to the change and to grow into the new room that is appearing.

I am grateful for all the knowledge, techniques and sources that are available for us to surrender to this process of learning and growing and all the magical music that makes it so deep and enjoyable.

Wishing you a beautiful summer in and out of time and space. And all it brings.