Preparing food with good energy & make cooking your meditation

Cooking workshops

The joy of preparing beautiful healthy food. Food that looks tasty and feels good when you eat it. Food that leaves you satisfied. Food that you can make every day or for special occasions. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. There is so much you can do with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, nuts,  seeds and grains.

Do you like to learn a new way of preparing food? How to make healthy, delicious dishes with an enormous variety of simple and nutritious ingredients?

In the workshop you will learn the basic principles of the plant based kitchen. We will start with an introduction on the holistic way of food and nutrition and digestion of food in specific. We will discuss different perspectives such as the ayurvedic learnings and the benefits of raw food techniques.

You will get to know new ingredients (healthy alternatives), you will learn about herbs and spices for the different body types & situations, know about the different techniques such as juicing, blending, soaking, sprouting, fermentation and food combinations. With lots of hands on experience and recipes that will inspire you to continue when coming home.

Tailor made programme. Depending on the season and on the wishes of the group, the workshop can be focused on raw food or ayurvedic dishes or a combination of the two.

Week days, evenings and weekends are possible. You can come with a group of friends/ colleagues/ family members. Workshops on location possible as well.

Price: 89 Euro per person based on 8 people or more, including ingredients and recipes. Private classes also possible. Welcome to get in touch with me for more information. 

Cooperation Rada’s kookstudio

Working together with Rada’s kookstudio in giving cooking workshops, courses  & cooking holidays to share the joy and beauty of the Ayurvedic principles and vegetarian/vegan dishes. The workshops and courses of a combination of theory & lots of practice.

Healthy, simple and affordable dishes that make you feel happy. For the joint activities with Rada’s kookstudio and the agenda, please find all the information on the website.