Kundalini yoga & breathwork

“Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.”

I bow to the infinite teacher within, and open myself to the infinite source of wisdom and creativity within me.

With work in the field of plant  based nutrition, life force food, awareness around food and what it does to your body, it is where (kundalini) yoga, breath work and food come together. 

When I discovered kundalini yoga, after a long journey of many years of different types of yoga, it felt like coming home. Initially I was trained as Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (from YogaWorks) which gives a solid base in posture and alignment. Years later I dove deep deep into kundalini yoga and found out that it taps straight into the deeper layers of awareness and emotions. In my classes I invite you to go inwards and listen to your own knowledge & wisdom. To find your strength in being vulnerable. Light, sincere and powerful classes that are uplifting, calming and peaceful.

Besides Kundalini Yoga classes, I also offer 1:1 breath work sessions. 

For private classes, please get in touch with me.  Combination with food consults/ cooking classes possible as well.